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August 15, 2006

Asian – Indians face off with police allies

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Long simmering tension between Edison’s growing Asian-Indian population and longtime residents boiled over yesterday at a rally organized by Indians to protest an alleged police brutality incident against a member of their community.

Sparking the furor was a July 4th incident involving an Asian-Indian resident, Rajnikant Parikh, and an Edison police officer, Michael Dotro.

Parikh 30, was arrested on charges of hitting Dotro and inciting others to join in the attack as the officer tried to disperse hundreds of people watching firecrack ers set off at a township apartment complex, police said.

Parikh, though, counter-claimed he was assaulted by Dotro, and pictures of his bruised face have been widely circulated in the Asian-Indian community

During the rally outside township hall, a group of about 60 Asian-Indian residents were met by a counter-protest of 40 mostly white residents defending the police department.

According to this report , some of the accusations that were hurled at the Indians were

“How many of you are illegals? You must’ve slid under the border to come here!” yelled LaVonica Ray, who stood with her friends in the rally for the police department. “You’re all cockroaches! Go home!”

It is sad that even after years of us Indians trying to live peacefully, racial epithets still continue to be hurled at us. Sometimes, people just pay lip-service to the supposed melting pot/equal rights in this country but a situation like this brings tensions to the forefront. How can people just assume that we are illegal and not law-abiding?

It sometimes scares me that I will be raising my kids in this environment.

I am proud of the protesters. This is what we need to do more of – come together and stand together as a viable political and community force.


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