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September 8, 2006

Happy Birthday Asha-ji !

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asha.JPGToday Sep 8 2006 is Asha Bhosle’s birthday.

Her sister, Lata Mangeshkar is the more popular singer and known as the “Nightingale of India” but Asha-ji is my personal favorite. In fact, she is the one singer that I can buy an album unheard and know that I cannot go wrong.

Her trademark songs are youthful and exuberant with a touch of naughtiness, pop. She may be in old in age but she continues to dazzle in new types of music. In fact, she has recently released a new Ganesh rap album called Mangalmurti Ganesh.

I have almost all her CDs and have had the pleasure of attending two of her concerts . She seems to be a humble, down-to-earth person who enjoys life.

For me, she is a true cultural ambassador winning people’s hearts all over the world with her melodious voice.


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  1. Asha Bhosale is also my favourite singer…When her sister’s voice is getting harsh as age progresses, she has come out as rocking voice of india. Even if I admire Lata for her contribution in Indian music, I personally don’t like her as a person. In my mind it always strike that she had down played Asha. She always considered Asha as a rivial..
    But now see…Asha is more famious than Lata..Asha is a versatile singer who can sing bhajans as well as rock songs…not only in hindi but also in English..
    Now when I listen to Lata I can undoubtedly say she is old enough …but when I listen to Asha, her voice is as sweet and fresh as it was in ‘piya tu ab to aaja’

    Comment by shashi — September 9, 2006 @ 3:18 am | Reply

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