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September 17, 2006

Living the American dream…..and proud to be from India !

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The latest issue of Business Week Online has an article on why Indians are such successful immigrants.

Indians recieved no special treatment or support and faced the same discrimination and hardship that any immigrant group does. Yet they learn to thrive in American society.

While I agree with most of the reasons that Wadhwa puts forth to show why we are successful (education, upbringing, hard work, family support/values), I think he misses the most obvious one – More than any other migrant group, we have the odds stacked in our favor.

Only the top of the school, most intelligent and hardworking folks migrate to the US from India. Added to that, we are comfortable with English and don’t have the language barrier that faces most immigrants.

It is interesting to note how the author cites humility as one of the main reasons for us to be successful and then with typical desi humility 😉 proudly rattles off statistics on how successful Indians are in the US.

The median household income of Indians was $70,708—far above the national median of $50,046.

An Asian-American hospitality industry advocacy group says that Indians own 50% of all economy lodging and 37% of all hotels in the U.S.

Close to 10% of technology startups in Silicon Valley were headed by Indians.

You’ll find Indian physicians working in almost every hospital as well as running small-town practices

Indian journalists hold senior positions at major publications, and Indian faculty have gained senior appointments at most universities.

Nothing new in the article that most of us already don’t know – but a  general “feel-good” piece that will be circulated for a while in the Indian email world.


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