Hindu Mommy

September 20, 2006

Rules for a Happy Mommy

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Sometimes in my rush to be a “good” parent, I forget to be a “happy” parent.

Here are 7 rules that I plan to live by to so I can be a “HAPPY MOMMY”

  1. Start each morning with a song. I am definitely not a morning person and this is hard. But once you start doing it, you realize it’s hard to be crabby when you are singing.
  2. Schedule in “tickle” time. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. We are so busy carting our kids around that even if we want to have fun, we just don’t have the time. Pencil in some time where the kids are rolling around helpless with laughter
  3. A Treat is a Treat. if your kids get treats regularly, they start expecting them and even demanding them and lose the happiness of enjoying them. Treats are rare luxuries that kids need to pleasure in. Icecreams are enjoyed more if they get them occasionally
  4. Let them have control. …or atleast let them feel that they have some control over some parts of their lives. It is hard for them to constantly have to live their lives by our rules. My kids eat better if they help choose what is for dinner, and behave better if they feel they are doing it because it’s what they want. Let them choose what to wear so what if they want to wear mismatched socks – just repeat after me, it’s not the end of the world !
  5. Be repetitive and consistent. Want them to learn something , use a short phrase that you keep repeating. My kids are now so well trained that they tell each other “Hands to yourself” and “Criss Cross Apple Sauce”. Don’t want them to sleep in your bed – never do it. It’s harder to break a habit once it’s formed.
  6. Be organized. I’m no Martha Stewart but I find myself crabby with the kids if I am frazzled. Being organized is a must for any mother. Have a place for everything so that everything in it’s place. Spend some time the night before getting organized so that you are not rushed in the morning
  7. AND Schedule some “me” time and get enough SLEEP (Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan). I tend to be less cranky after a good nite’s sleep

Enjoy the time you have your kids….Remember, EACH DAY CAN BE LOOONG BUT THE YEARS ARE SHORT AND PASS BY REALLY FAST  


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