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October 3, 2006

I want to eat what mommy is eating !

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Last week some some of the nation’s top nutrition researchers gathered in New York City to discuss the importance of mother-daughter role modeling and the long-term implications for a woman’s health.

WSJ also had an article recently on  Exploring Moms’ Role in Girls’ Health

Nothing earth shatteringly profound in these studies. Most of the lessons are obvious but not well-followed-It’s what you do, not what you say, that has the biggest impact on a child’s health

Although fathers obviously are important role models to their children, researchers pay special attention to the role of mothers because women traditionally make food and nutrition choices for the family.

Role modeling is also particularly important when it comes to exercise. Mothers are uniquely important for two reasons. Since kids tend to model their exercise behavior after the same-sex parent, a mother’s exercise habits are particularly important because studies show that compared with boys, the average girl’s exercise level drops dramatically after the age of 9. And a mother’s views about exercise also matter because they tend to manage family logistics. Mothers who make the effort to sign up kids for sports and chauffeur them to practice are more likely to have kids who exercise.

In most Indian households, the mother is the primary cook and we eat what our mother puts on the plate. In my case, it was fattening food 🙂

Though I already know most of what’s been written, it has served as an eye-opener for me . I do tend to get into bad eating habits without paying much attention to what I eat.

So note to self “Watch what you eat because the kids definitely are !”


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