Hindu Mommy

October 9, 2006

Cycle of good and bad

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Spinach is good for you UNLESS it is tainted in which case it can take your life.

Carrot juice and lettuce are good for you – not if they kill you !

Fruit juice is good – no it’s not – it’s contributing to the national obesity !

Kid’s brains are most receptive from birth to age 3 and they need to be exposed to as much as possible with us parents shuttling them between gymnastics, swimming, ballet and various other activities. NO NO – too much overscheduling – the poor kids need a break !

Put the kids in school early so they learn to interact with their age group kids but for kindergarten wait him out a year so they can be bigger than the rest of the class ?

Breast feeding is the key to producing Einsteins of the next generation UNLESS you read the latest research which says that breast feeding doesn’t help intelligence at all.

Soccer and football were supposed to teach kids all about teamwork and build a spirit of sportsmanship…oh no, wait a minute, more and more kids are getting injured at a younger and younger age.

What is an educated, enlightened mother like me supposed to do?

I plan to just veg out in front of the TV while eating french fries and Cheetos (atleast I know they don’t have trans fats ) and finish off with some chocolate and red wine(atleast they have anti-oxidants and also lower cholesterol levels)

Tomorrow is another day – Who knows what will be right or wrong tomorrow?


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