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October 18, 2006

Ideas to make diyas (Diwali lights) with kids

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 We can make diyas at home as a craft project and get the kids into the spirit of Diwali.

Diyas can be made with planter bases or no-bake clay

Making a diya with a planter base

Planter base (Smallest size available – just big enough to hold a tea lamp)

Glitter Glue

Glass inserts

Take the base of the planter (available at Michael’s or other craft stores) and color the inside of it with shiny glitter glue

Stick the glass inserts on the outside for decoration

Put tea light candle inside after glue has dried up

Making a diya with clay

Self hardening clay
Gold or other shiny paint
Take a piece of clay as big as a small apple

Roll out the clay into a long sausage shape about 1cm thick. Curl it round on itself to form a flat spiral shape
If the sausage breaks just roll out another one and using a dab of water join it on and continue. 
Once the base has been made start to build up the sides until you have a small pot about 4cm high, taper off the end of the clay to form a level edge
Using your finger and a little water smooth the coils together to form a flattish surface.
With thumb and forefinger gently pinch one side of the pot at the top and pull slightly outwards to form a spout Smooth again and then leave the lamp to dry, the time will vary depending on how warm the room is.
When the pot is dry, paint it inside and out with your chosen colour, and when the paint is dry you can add some sequins for decoration.
Once decorated the tea light candle can be put inside.


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