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October 20, 2006

More economic growth in India = more gifts for kids

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Indian children are reaping the benefits of economic growth – especially those who are born to the country’s fast-growing middle classes.

It is estimated that about 200 million people now make up the middle classes in India.

Indian parents are feeling far more generous and want to spend more of their rising salaries on their kids.

Spending has become fashionable and is driving up sales at kids’ stores across the country. The children’s market is expected to grow by as much as 35% a year.

This is according to an article in the BBC News – “Diwali splurge reflects economic boom

I am sure most of the kids are excited about the extra gifts they shall receive this year and have already given their parents a huge list of exactly what they want for Diwali.

Getting gifts and presents is an important part of any festive tradition and the most eagerly anticipated part for all kids…..but isn’t Diwali more than just getting gifts?

According the same article children are fast becoming the influencers in an Indian family and  the Indian child is fast becoming the decision-maker in terms of purchasing in Indian families.

Let’s influence our kids to use their purchasing power for gifts for kids not as privileged as them. Especially in India, the disparity between the middle class and the bottom class is huge and seems to be growing bigger and bigger

Let’s teach our kids not just receiving but also sharing and giving so they truly understand what Diwali is all about.


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