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November 6, 2006

Your kids not getting enough exercise..? Let’s bribe them with more TV time

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You think your kids ar not physically active? Don’t worry – you can now bribe them to exercise while in front of their playstation

Gymkids , a company that creates exercise and fitness equipment for children has two new products in the UK market – Step2Play and CyberBike

So ……you just need to spend another 115 pounds for the Step2Play or another 150 pounds for the CyberBike .

Your kids can play with the new toy for a week (or maybe two at the maximum) and then you will have a display piece that will provide a starter for a conversation when people visit you or be used to hang clothes when you don’t have guests.

I know obesity is a rising problem and we want our kids to be as physically active as possible but didn’t anyone here of a term called “just play”. And by the way, isn’t that what kids are actually supposed to do?

I’m no expert but trust me – if you switch off the Playstations and TVs and let your kids actually play – they’ll be having so much fun that you don’t need to bribe them with expensive exercise equipment. 

For those of you, who want to see how the future of our kids “exercise routine” looks like here are some pictures. 


Come on parents – Let’s give the kids a break and let them just be kids…They’ll have enough of mind-numbing walking on the treadmill or exercising on a stationary bike in front of the TV when they become adults….Let them have some “real” exercise ! 


I just saw a BBC article on these machines at “Fitness Machines for Child Gamers

 It is heartening to read that in the BBC article

Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of Weight Concern said the device would be “useful” but that it was “a terrible indictment on society”…..”It would be far better to encourage an increase in physical activity across the board, at both school and at home. And it might be an idea for parents to limit their children’s access to the computer.”


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