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hindumommy.JPGI was born and brought up in India without paying much attention to my religion or culture. Now that I have kids and am trying to raise them in the US, I am learning to know and appreciate my culture and heritage better – I guess I am “a born again Indian” 🙂
This blog is an effort to reach out to other Indian parents trying to raise their kids outside India and also a general placeholder for any information I may like…

 Any suggestions, comments, raves or rants feel free to contact me at hindumommy (at) yahoo (dot) com




  1. ” A born again Indian”

    It is just human nature that one generally craves for something which one will have to make an effort. There is some charm and nostalgia around it.

    I was born and brought up in a village during my first fourteen years. I still have an unfulfilled, nostalgic desire to live in a village even after about 50 years.

    In India, there is no special effort in a hindu family to put one through the processes and it is optional and personal. Being born in a hindu (Brahmin/ Vaishnava caste) family, one can opt to become an Atheist, Christian, Buddhist or a rationalist. One can marry outisde the caste or religion, but may be with some hicups. Culture is interwoven with the life styles and values of the parents neibghors, friends and also media to some extent. Culture is also influenced by religion to some extent.

    Hindu way of living in India has a very very wide spectrum of options and variations.

    Now I am tempted to write about my experiences of “How I happened to become a “Srivaishnava” again?
    May be next time!

    Comment by swaralu — September 4, 2006 @ 2:09 am | Reply

  2. When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a city because I thought it would be more exciting and there would at least be more to do, more to visit. Now that I am turning 20, turns out I am more content living in a small city, of about 40k people, and would not mind seeing what life is like in the rural villages of other countries.

    Comment by Daijinryuu — September 17, 2006 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

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