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February 14, 2007


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The Great Indian Mutiny, a group blog that I belong to as been nominated for BEST GROUP/COMMUNITY BLOG. All of us at The Great Indian Mutiny are delighted for being nominated in the Best Group/Community Blog Category.

It has been a fantastic experience – being a part of this  unique platform where bloggers from a diversified variety of backgrounds and experience have come together to reflect on what India is really about.

I would like to invite you to vote for us in the Best Group/Community Blog category

You need to complet a simple registration process to vote. The confirmation email from Indibloggies may go into your spam folder.



January 11, 2007

National De-lurking Week

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It’s the week for National De-Lurking  . I may be a little late (OK – a lot late) but I am not bad (I promise) so will you delurk for me…(PRETTY PLEASE!)


For me, it’s harder to write a comment than write a post but I’m going to go de-lurk on all the blogs I frequent and update my blogroll

 So go ahead – Do it, leave a comment and your URL so I can return the favor.


December 12, 2006

Copying…the cheapest form of flattery?

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Yesterday, I found out that a company listed on NASDAQ had been site scrapping Hindu Mommy and using it on their own site.

I was debating about whether to list the name of the company and get them more traffic from my site or not post the name and have decided to state the name of the company to increase awareness about their malpractices

The company is Web2 Corporation (NASDAQ OTCB: WBTO), which was recently acquired by perpetrators, ByIndia.

You can read more at Got Copy (This is where I first found out about it. Thanks, Manisha !)

I don’t claim to be special. I think they targeted many of the blogs created recently probably thinking that most of us new to the blogging community would be unaware of what’s going on.

My first reaction was disbelief that a big company which had a huge source of resources in terms of writers and programmers would actually sitescrape an unknown blog like mine

But then I thought “They can’t even do something like this properly…I don’t have any site scrape worthy content – Wouldn’t it be better for them if they site scrapped a better site?” 😀 😀 😀

Manisha has been actively pursuing these cases of plagiarism with the CEO of the company who says

…The content providers for our blogs need to protect our content better….

What the ??????? . As she rightly points out, the nature of internet is to have content readily available and accesible by any browser or thru bots and feeds

Read more of the CEO’s response here

Yes, I have been also guilty in the past of posting forwarded emails without any idea of who the author(s) were but have been quick to give credit where due when I was made aware of it.

I think this is a different kind of beast – All my posts are there exactly in the order I posted them – word for word. I can understand maybe if one post is a copy of what’s here at Hindu Mommy. It could be a genuine mistake or  just great minds thinking alike 😀

All my posts are copied word for word and presented by a company that wants to be the “next big internet company in India” . I wonder what kind of message the investors and the rest of the world are getting from this ..Definitely not the message that the CEO of the company wants them to get !

UPDATE – The posts are still there but not being displayed. They need to delete the blog and all the posts permanently

Manisha also has a link to a great resource – Dealing with Plagiarism – which I’ve realized is a must read for any blogger

And for anyone from Web2Corp or ByIndia reading this post – No – I am not at all flattered by all the site scrapping that has been done

December 8, 2006

Perfume bottle sells for….what?

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 A bottle of perfume that was originally purchased for $50 has been auctioned off for $216,000. And that doesn’t include the perfume itself.

An elderly woman who wanted to remain anonymous received the bottle of Tresor de la Mer from her husband in 1939. He had bought it at Saks Fifth Avenue store

Read more at Perfume bottle goes for $216,000 – minus the perfume

Some people have more money than sense…I mean, what is the most you can do with an empty bottle …Just imagine how much chocolate that money would buy 😀

December 6, 2006

…And I’m back

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I was back from vacation a couple of days ago but spent the last few days catching up on the long pending “stuff” that awaits most people after a relaxing vacation

While celebrating Thanksgiving, I realized that I had a lot to be thankful for this year…I started blogging earlier this year and am especially thankful for “meeting” lots of really intelligent, fun people thru my blog….Thank you Swaralu, LotusReads, Daij, Hiren and all the Mutineers for your insightful comments

I know it’s past Thanksgiving but it’s never too late to be thankul and appreciate all the good things in your life

Would love to hear what you are most thankful for via the comments thread

November 19, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

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I will be offline for the next two weeks…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


…And for vegetarians like me, who don’t do the “turkey and thanksgiving” here are some vegan friendly thanksgiving recipes from VegKitchen

October 18, 2006

Comment to win a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate

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In order to get into the spirit of Diwali, I shall be doing a Diwali postathon…so keep checking back for everything you ever wanted to know about Diwali.(the posts are tagged @Diwali special for your convenience)

I’d like to have you participate in the festival spirit too so if you comment or email me at hindumommy at yahoo dot com, you will be eligible for some really cool prizes at the end of the postathon


First prize will be a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate

Second prize will be “The Indian Parenting Book”

Rules for the contest:

– Any person leaving a comment on my blog starting Wednesday till end of day Saturday will be eligible for one entry in the random drawing.

– If the comment contains an idea for a future topic you’d like to see on this blog or how you celebrate Diwali with your family, you’ll get an extra entry in the drawing.

– There is no limit on the number of comments you can make – so keep those ideas and comments coming….The more comments you make, the better the chances you have to get the prizes.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that you spam me – only meaningful comments are allowed (I get to decide if it’s meaningful ) )

– Winners will be selected by random drawing on Diwali nite and announced on my blog on Monday October 23,2006.

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