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March 16, 2007

We don’t need Superman – we have Tendulkar !

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I had written earlier about Virgin comics foray into the Indian comic book scene – Now they have a new hero – Master Blaster as the saviour of the world

Master Blaster, a character based on Sachin Tendulkar will soon join Virgin Comics’ line up of Indian characters like Devi, Sadhu, Ramayana and Snakewoman.

The story of Master Blaster  is about a cricketer who not only fights the Australian and other cricket teams – but also an evil force that has re-emerged on Indian soil after 1,000 years. The cricketer becomes the reluctant superhero, after he is in possession of an ancient weapon called Master Blaster. The weapon bestows transforming powers on him and he becomes the saviour.

Most Indian kids are a little cricket crazy and look up to Tendulkar as a role model to follow and emulate. Imagining Tendulkar as a superhero is not a far stretch especially with the World Cup going on.

I’m sure the Master Blaster series will be as highly anticipated in India as Harry Potter is. I sure wouldn’t mind shelling out some cash to see how Sachin the superhero looks !

Photo sourced from ESPN


March 6, 2007

No one religion is better than the other

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Recently, there have been a lot of religious websites sprouting all over the internet. The purpose of most of these sites seem to be denigrating other religions and trying to prove how superior their religion is – the same way Nazis needed to prove their Aryan supremacy over the Jews.

Like most people, I do believe in a higher power and have my own personal religious beliefs and rituals.

I do call myself a “Hindu Mommy” because I am proud of my culture and beliefs . I would like my kids to grow up being proud Hindus in a country where it is a minority religion. But I’m slowly starting to hesitate categorizing myself as religious because being religious is (wrongly) getting associated with fanaticism.

Religion for me has never been a way of categorizing friendships.  It’s never been a way of proving my superiority.For me, being religious is a personal belief. It’s about the spirit of acceptance and sharing – It’s about celebrating both Diwali and Christmas.

I’d like to present a different side to religion from the one usually depicted on religious websites

The first is a story of a pujari in a small village deep in Andhra Pradesh

The pujari at the Durga temple a small village called Payakaraopeta in Andhra Pradesh is like any other pujari. The ONLY thing that sets him apart is his name – Sheikh Mira Sahib

Every Monday, over a hundred people from several nearby villages climb the unpaved steps of Seethamma hill to pray to the goddess. Mira Sahib guides them all in performing various rites and the worshippers acknowledge him as their pujari .
With a shaven head, bare-chested and wearing a dhoti, Mira Sahib begins his day at the temple at 7 am and spends his time till late afternoon in saying prayers and helping the pilgrims.

He then returns home and attends to his chores. His earning is the dakshina that is given to him by devotees

The other story is of Dawood Khan, who has studied Tulsidas’s Shri RamCharita Manas and is spreading secularism and preaching communal harmony across Raipur a step at a time.

In his own words,

“My teacher inspired me to appear for the Ramcharit Manas examination and I was declared the winner, attaining marks of first division. Since then I am preaching Ramcharit Manas. I am opposed by many orthodox people but I tell them that this is what I have been doing and I will continue to do,”

I love the way Dawood thinks…He maintains that service to mankind is the best religion one can practice and says he wants to continue his discourses on Ramcharit Manas till his last breath.

These  are just two examples that have been highlighted out of the countless that exist in secular India.

Everyday, there are thousands and more living examples of secularism in India and the U.S where people of all faiths interact and develop friendships regularly.

Let’s start practising Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s philosophy of “Serve everyone as service to God – Worship your own and respect all”

March 4, 2007

Gita Updesh for the modern world :)

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February 28, 2007

Funny video on traffic in India

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After I posted on the different driving styles, I found this video on Youtube.

I have no idea which city in India this was shot in and it’s obviously fast forwarded but still hilarious and amazing how the traffic keeps moving without a single accident inspite of the apparent total choas

Enjoy 🙂

January 20, 2007

Abused child fights back with books

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We’ve read many tragic stories of girls being abused by their parents especially by the father

This is a story of a girl who was physically abused by her mother. Even after two years, the scars of violence that she has suffered at her mother’s hands are yet to heal.

I won’t go into the details of the kind of abuse that she had to live with daily.

Two years ago, however, the violence crossed all limits.

Soon after her mother left for the day, Bharti ran off to play with some friends that she had made on the sly. On her return, she was battered for the last time.

Bharti was attacked with kitchen scissors and was on the verge of being strangulated when she retaliated with all her might. “I pushed my mother back, locked her from outside and ran away,” she says.

Accompanied by social worker Suman Gupta, a profusely bleeding Bharti reached the local police station of the slum colony. Gupta also called up the toll-free Childline phone service 1098 for assistance. The service, initiated under an Indian government scheme, helps children in distress.

This story has a positive end.

12 year old Bharti lives in Bal Niketan, a state-aided shelter home in Chandigarh. Though still on medication and counselling, she is coping well.

Bharti’s class teacher Malik Kaur said: “She is a bright girl. She has the zeal to live and learns her lessons well.”

Bharti is now nose-deep in her textbooks and loving it.

All my prayers and best wishes are with Bharti. I hope she gets to enjoy atleast some of her childhood, complete her studies successfully and gets to do what she wants to when she grows up

January 16, 2007

India to use solar power for billboards

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001200409062090.jpgThe Delhi government decided to pass an order on the lines of the one passed by the Andhra Pradesh goverment and take a big step towards helping combat global warming and environmental degradation issues. 

As per the Andhra government order, all municipal commissioners and vice-chairmen of Urban Development Bodies shall take immediate action for installation of solar water system on existing municipal and urban development bodies’ buildings and any new building being built by them. They have also been directed to use energy efficient lamps.

The order also says that lights of advertisement hoardings shall be powered by solar photo voltaic systems at the cost of the franchisee and conventional street lights shall be replaced by solar photovoltaic powered ones.

This is a great move by the Government to combat global warming and environmental degradation issues.

A move the US government could do well to emulate, especially in capital cities.

For full story read The Hindu

January 15, 2007

Youngest web designer of the world

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sreelakshmi.gifWhen children of her age are glued to the TV, eight-year-old Sreelakshmi Suresh is busy exploring web designing.

The fourth standard student of Presentation High Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, has proved her mettle by designing her school website, to be launched on January 15, 2007. 

The Association of American Webmasters has honoured her with its official membership, a rare honour for a girl so young.

Daughter of Suresh Menon, an advocate and Viju Suresh, a schoolteacher, Sreelakshmi’s brush with the digital world began at the age of four.Initially, a little prodding was needed. But once she took off it was a flight to the glory. “After studies I used to spend hours before the terminal. Since my school did not have an official site, I took it as a challenge to design one,” explains Sreelakshmi. 

For students of her school, she is a role model.

“She is an inspiration for even grown up students… our school is blessed with such a talented girl,” school headmistress Sister Roselit praises her.

See the website she designed at www.presentationhss.com.

January 14, 2007

What a cruel twist of fate..

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praful chiplunkar savarkar.jpgPraful Madhav Chiplunkar, the grandson of veteran freedom fighter Veer Savarkar and an IIT graduate, was found begging for a living on the streets near Sarasbaug Gardens in Pune.

Praful is the son of Savarkar’s daughter. He is a IIT graduate in chemical engineering from Delhi. After working for an Indo-German Company in Thailand and even the Aditya Birla Group, Praful was burnt in an accident while handling some instruments. He was in hospital for six years at places including Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

He met with an accident in 2002 in which he lost his wife and son. Praful, since worked as a watchman in a shop and later lost that job as well, which forced him the streets to beg for a living.

Apparently those who saw him begging saw him reading English newspapers around him and that’s how they came to know about him

Here’s sending him best wishes and hope he recovers completely from the physical trauma. I hope that some IIT-ians help him and come to his financial rescue

Read more about Veer Savarkar’s grandson found begging

January 9, 2007

India Poised

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The Times of India group has put together a very well designed site “India Poised” in honor of 60 years of free India

I love the words of the anthem …and especially love hearing Big B say it in his inimitable voice. 

There are two Indias in this country

One India is straining at the leash, eager to spring forth and live up to all the adjectives the world has been showering recently upon us

The other India is the leash

 One India says give me a chance and I’ll prove myself. The other India says prove yourself first and then maybe you’ll have a chance

One India lives in the optimism of our hearts. The other India lives in the skepticism of our minds

Watch Amitabh Bachchan recite
the ‘India Poised’ anthem (English) View clip Download clip

Please do visit  India Poised and check out their site.

Of note are People making a difference and A Day in the Life of India

January 5, 2007

Sleepless …in India

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Be like Tom Hanks? Of course, that would be a dream come true for most middle class Indian males.

Unfortunately, Indians are getting to be more like the character in Tom Hanks famous movie than be the real Tom Hanks.
According to a WHO report released last week, 34.3% of Indians were suffering from sleep disorders
According to this story in Hindustan Times, as the economy booms and middle class affluence grows, Indians are becoming more stressed, forgetful and sleep deprived.

According to the WHO report 47.3% of Indians aare worried, 47.4% are sad and low, 44.9% have memory disorders and 43.2% are absentminded.

The study was an initial marker to assess the need for more extensive studies later. Commissioned in 2003 as part of a world health survey, it set out to find out how stressful life is in India.

The results showed that more than 47 per cent of the respondents suffered from clinical anxiety, an equal number were depressed. Sleeplessness and memory disorders affected more than 34 per cent and 44 per cent respectively. Overall 40 per cent felt jaded and fatigued, 30 per cent had relationship conflicts, and more than 58 per cent suffered from stress-related bodyache.

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