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March 16, 2007

We don’t need Superman – we have Tendulkar !

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I had written earlier about Virgin comics foray into the Indian comic book scene – Now they have a new hero – Master Blaster as the saviour of the world

Master Blaster, a character based on Sachin Tendulkar will soon join Virgin Comics’ line up of Indian characters like Devi, Sadhu, Ramayana and Snakewoman.

The story of Master Blaster  is about a cricketer who not only fights the Australian and other cricket teams – but also an evil force that has re-emerged on Indian soil after 1,000 years. The cricketer becomes the reluctant superhero, after he is in possession of an ancient weapon called Master Blaster. The weapon bestows transforming powers on him and he becomes the saviour.

Most Indian kids are a little cricket crazy and look up to Tendulkar as a role model to follow and emulate. Imagining Tendulkar as a superhero is not a far stretch especially with the World Cup going on.

I’m sure the Master Blaster series will be as highly anticipated in India as Harry Potter is. I sure wouldn’t mind shelling out some cash to see how Sachin the superhero looks !

Photo sourced from ESPN


March 14, 2007

Twelve Gifts for A Child

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At the wondrous moment you were born, as you took your first breath, a great celebration was held in heaven and twelve magnificent gifts were granted to you.

The first gift is STRENGTH. May you remember to call upon it whenever you need it.

The second gift is BEAUTY. May your deeds reflect its depth.

The third gift is COURAGE. May you speak and act with confidence and use courage to follow your own path.

The fourth gift is COMPASSION. May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you forgive those who hurt you and yourself when you make mistakes.

The fifth gift is HOPE. Through each passage and season, may you trust the goodness of life.

The sixth gift is JOY. May it keep your heart open and filled with light.

The seventh gift is TALENT. May you discover your own special abilities and contribute them toward a better world.

The eighth gift is IMAGINATION. May it nourish your visions and dreams.

The ninth gift is REVERENCE. May you appreciate the wonder that you are and the miracle of all creation.

The tenth gift is WISDOM. Guiding your way, wisdom will lead you through knowledge to understanding. May you hear its soft voice.

The eleventh gift is LOVE. It will grow each time you give it away.

The tweleth gift is FAITH. May you believe and grow in your faith.                  

February 21, 2007

What is the most important thing you can teach your kids?

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Teaching your kids about how to handle money responsibly is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent.
Good money management is about simply about forming habits – The earlier you form habits, the more it feels like second nature.
Those habits will stay with your child for a lifetime. Here are six key points to keep in mind, plus age-appropriate tips excerpted in part from MSN


January 20, 2007

Abused child fights back with books

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We’ve read many tragic stories of girls being abused by their parents especially by the father

This is a story of a girl who was physically abused by her mother. Even after two years, the scars of violence that she has suffered at her mother’s hands are yet to heal.

I won’t go into the details of the kind of abuse that she had to live with daily.

Two years ago, however, the violence crossed all limits.

Soon after her mother left for the day, Bharti ran off to play with some friends that she had made on the sly. On her return, she was battered for the last time.

Bharti was attacked with kitchen scissors and was on the verge of being strangulated when she retaliated with all her might. “I pushed my mother back, locked her from outside and ran away,” she says.

Accompanied by social worker Suman Gupta, a profusely bleeding Bharti reached the local police station of the slum colony. Gupta also called up the toll-free Childline phone service 1098 for assistance. The service, initiated under an Indian government scheme, helps children in distress.

This story has a positive end.

12 year old Bharti lives in Bal Niketan, a state-aided shelter home in Chandigarh. Though still on medication and counselling, she is coping well.

Bharti’s class teacher Malik Kaur said: “She is a bright girl. She has the zeal to live and learns her lessons well.”

Bharti is now nose-deep in her textbooks and loving it.

All my prayers and best wishes are with Bharti. I hope she gets to enjoy atleast some of her childhood, complete her studies successfully and gets to do what she wants to when she grows up

January 15, 2007

Youngest web designer of the world

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sreelakshmi.gifWhen children of her age are glued to the TV, eight-year-old Sreelakshmi Suresh is busy exploring web designing.

The fourth standard student of Presentation High Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, has proved her mettle by designing her school website, to be launched on January 15, 2007. 

The Association of American Webmasters has honoured her with its official membership, a rare honour for a girl so young.

Daughter of Suresh Menon, an advocate and Viju Suresh, a schoolteacher, Sreelakshmi’s brush with the digital world began at the age of four.Initially, a little prodding was needed. But once she took off it was a flight to the glory. “After studies I used to spend hours before the terminal. Since my school did not have an official site, I took it as a challenge to design one,” explains Sreelakshmi. 

For students of her school, she is a role model.

“She is an inspiration for even grown up students… our school is blessed with such a talented girl,” school headmistress Sister Roselit praises her.

See the website she designed at www.presentationhss.com.

January 4, 2007

Indian Superman and Wondergirl

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After the hit movie Krrissh (India’s first superhero movie in Hindi) , a new type of super heroes and heroines will be invading minds of all Indian kids

These comic books, courtesy of Virgin Comics ($2.99) will be released in U.S this month and in India later this year. Four of the six comic titles are inspired by stories by Indian mythology and Virgin has roped in some big names like Shekhar Kapur  and Deepak Chopra.

Virgin even has plans to turn one of the books “The Sadhu” into a movie starring Nicolas Cage.

The books are aimed at young people ages 16-25, both here and in India. In the U.S., Virgin is aggressively targeting Indian-Americans, by sponsoring Indian-American events and linking up with student clubs at colleges.

I used to love the Indian comic books Amar Chitra Katha when I was a kid and would be willing to buy one of the Virgin comics just to see what it is about….

What do you think? Do you think that with the craze for all things Indian recently Virgin’s foray into the comic business will take off big time or do you think this is going to be one of the few ventures that Virgin looses in?

Let me in the comments section ….Till then, I’ll be waiting to buy the comics when they hit the stores

For more read the Wall Street Article on Holy Heroes of Indian Lore, Batman !

January 3, 2007

Multi-lingual upbringing benefits babies

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If an infant hears two languages, at home the baby responds to both, but each one goes into a different part of the brain.

And the studies show that the ability to switch from one brain section to another allows some babies actually to perform better at certain tasks — mental dexterity brought on by a bilingual world

What I personally found fascinating was

The baby brain is mapping two different sets of circuitry,” …”One is for the first language, one for the second language

Because of the cultural diversity found within India, most Indians know atleast two languages if not more. Now we know that making our kids multi-lingual not only keeps them in touch with their roots but also makes them more intelligent !

For more information and help on how to raise bi-lingual kids, please read my post on Raising Bilingual Children

Read more about the landmark research on the effect of language at For baby, the more languages, the better

December 30, 2006

To my fellow Princess phobics

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New York Times has an article called “What’s wrong With Cinderella?” that I read yesterday and if I could write as well, I am sure the first couple of paras myself.

I have to admit that I used to not care about my girls having dolls or princesses along with other toys but nowadays it seems to me that the only toys available to them are in pink and Barbie or Princess related.

And how do I explain a white blue eyed princess to a desi brown black eyed kid?

What especially caught my eye in the NY times article was

Playing princess is not the issue,” argues Lyn Mikel Brown, an author, with Sharon Lamb, of “Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters From Marketers’ Schemes.” “The issue is 25,000 Princess products,” says Brown, a professor of education and human development at Colby College. “When one thing is so dominant, then it’s no longer a choice: it’s a mandate, cannibalizing all other forms of play. There’s the illusion of more choices out there for girls, but if you look around, you’ll see their choices are steadily narrowing.”

I try to buy them other stuff but what do you do when friends, teachers and relatives insist on giving them pink glittery princess? Maybe it’s a genetic “girl” program that has my girls attracted to these glittery stuff.

Anybody have any tips to help wean my girls from this Princess phase? Please let me know…….

If my girls HAVE to go thru this princess phase, then atleast I hope they turn out to be like the girl in the article – be dressed up in a gown and a tiara and then climb trees and give the boys a run for their money 😀

December 21, 2006

I know everyone makes a mistake, but….

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 this definitely takes the prize

The Tamil Tiger Rebels kidnapped 23 teenagers and 2 teachers but later freed them and suspended the guerillas involved

“It was a mistake by the field commanders” LTTE military spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiriyan said

He said the LTTE had already suspended the field commanders who had carried out the kidnappings.

Talk about a big OOPS !.

Imagine telling a teenager ” Sorry, I kidnapped you and scared you to death. It was just a dumb mistake. Go back and do whatever it was you were doing before in your life and forget that you got kidnapped”

What a life ! What a mistake !

December 20, 2006

Toys my kids are never going to have…

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CNN-Money has a list of the top 10 most expensive toys which are the rage among the obscenely wealthy.

The gifts range from a giant playset called the TumblePost for $97,510 to the relatively cheap Home Pro Racing Video Game Simulation System for just $4000. Other toys that made it to the list include a Piggbank for $6,000 and a Robot for $50,000

Now I know that the parents can easily afford these gifts, but don’t they feel a slight twinge of wasting money when the kids discard these toys after just a couple of days of playing? Or would it be worse if the kids actually played with these toys and broke them?

Here’s the list :

  1. Grand Victorian Mansion
  2. Scallywag Sloop Pirate Themed Club House
  3. The Genuine 7-foot Robby Robot
  4. Home Pro Racing Video Game Simulation System
  5. Zoltar (Fortune Teller) 
  6. Lego Life-Sized Batman
  7. Junior Off Roader Gasoline-Powered Vehicle for Two
  8. Massive Wilbur Piggybank
  9. Fantasy Coach
  10. Tumble Outpost 

For more on these toys, check out CNN-Money

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