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October 18, 2006

Have your kids make Rangoli

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Rangoli is the traditional design outside most Indian homes created with rice flour.

There are different forms of rangoli including dot rangoli, line rangoli and flower rangoli.

This year I wanted to make the rangoli creation process more kid friendly

Here are 2 methods that I tried to make rangoli with the kids

– Used colored sand on a stainless steel plate. More messier but looked like the real rangoli until it got messed up while my kids were trying to make it even more prettier 🙂

– Used sidewalk chalk on sandpaper. Relatively easy, less messy and the effect is similar to drawing on the ground

Here’s how it looks


Go ahead – give it a try and have fun decorating !


Diya (Diwali) coloring pages

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Ideas to make diyas (Diwali lights) with kids

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 We can make diyas at home as a craft project and get the kids into the spirit of Diwali.

Diyas can be made with planter bases or no-bake clay

Making a diya with a planter base

Planter base (Smallest size available – just big enough to hold a tea lamp)

Glitter Glue

Glass inserts

Take the base of the planter (available at Michael’s or other craft stores) and color the inside of it with shiny glitter glue

Stick the glass inserts on the outside for decoration

Put tea light candle inside after glue has dried up


Easy Rangoli patterns

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October 8, 2006

Coloring pages based on Hindu culture

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 Obtained from Addanki Ramakrishna

September 27, 2006

Coloring pages for Durga Puja

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 Kids can get into the spirit of Durga Puja with these coloring pages

Click on the picture thumbnail to enlarge



September 21, 2006

Navratri coloring pages

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August 20, 2006

Ganesha coloring pages

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Here are some Ganesha coloring pages

Click on the picture to get a full sized image that can be printed





Other Ganesha related posts

Ganesha Slokas


Online Ganesha puzzle

August 15, 2006

Celebrate Krishna Janmaashtami with your kids

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In honor of Krishnashtami, here are some links to Krishna coloring pages for your kids

Krishna playing flute for Radha

Krishna fighting a demon

and a movie on Krishnashtami

August 1, 2006

Raksha Bandhan craft for kids (Rakhi)

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With Raksha Bandhan coming up on Aug 9th, involve your kids in making a raakhi. They will enjoy the craft and learn a bit more about Indian culture.

Rakhi, a colourful piece of art, with silken threads entwined together in an attractive manner and adorned with beads and golden threads are placed on the wrists of brothers for their good health, wealth, happiness and success. This festival establishes the bond of love and affection between the siblings.          

You can make a “friendship bracelet” to tie around your brothers or you can make this simple rakhi.


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